our memorial day weekend..

...was spent in idaho. with my brothers, sister-in-law, & cute nieces.
since we all live in different places these days. (rexburg, burley, oakland, provo, & brasil) get togethers are tough. so i was pretty excited that the majority of us (minus the brasil fam) were able to be with each other. 
our main reason for going home was the annual memorial day picnic. my grandpa puts on a picnic every with his siblings & all their kids/grandkids. he loves for us to represent & we are glad he talks us into coming, it makes for a pretty great weekend.

we were also pretty anxious to see this guy. my brother drew just finished his first year of medical school & none of us had seen him since christmas.  we are pretty excited that he'll be around for the summer. 

ave was especially happy to see him...
as you can tell. :)

besides picnicing. we golfed (well the boys did), played basketball (the boys did that too), studied (not quite as much as i should have) swam, & ate at pizza hut one time...and then another. :) we also got plenty of loving in on our nieces. (hopefully enough to hold us over until the next time we see them).
the only part that wasn't so much fun was when brian woke up the day we left sicker than i've ever seen him. (poor boy) but because of work we still had to make the long drive home.
& we made it, with only one throw up stop. (yuck)
good news: he's feeling much better.

it was a good couple of days. & here are a few pictures to prove it.

miss janers always smiles on command. ave, on the other hand, usually has something else in mind. :)

boys ready for church. (who knows where matt ran off to?) & waiting in line for grandmas candy jar.

enjoying our friend chicken, soda & of course, some ice cream bars.

swimming at nat soo pah hot springs. love these two.

annnd now the countdown is on for the peterson get together in a couple of weeks.
& my mom, sisters & dad visiting for the whole month of july. :)
we sure do love summer.


  1. What a fun tradition! I'm so excited that your family will be here the month of July. Joy!

  2. Well it looks like you had a good time :) Can't wait to see ya :) love ya -mal

  3. So fun to be with family!! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!