thank goodness for instagram

i've been too busy to blog. (it takes me way longer than it should to compose something)
so, once again, here's life through instagram.
grocery shopping with bri: always fun.
we ran into the famous lds actor. recognize him? he was so nice. 
guess who got called as relief society painist? yuck.
sunday cousin get togethers.
we found flowers & cupcakes on our doorstep one morning. made for one good day.
brian & i like to leave each other notes, with dry erase marker, on the mirror. since one of us always leaves before the other is awake. it always makes my day.
the drive in movie is our new favoite. $7 for a double feature? yes please.
14 days till i see these cuties.
boys doing some yard work for mom & dad peterson.
the {almost} finished product. (behind them)
family pictures.
brian with our new nephew: baby rhett.

life has been good. we both passed our spring classes & have already started up our summer classes. we're way too busy, as usual, & somehow still have schedules that are opposite. im home when brian isn't & he's home when i'm not. however..i think it makes the times we are together a little more special. & it makes me live for the weekends...a little more than i already do. :)


  1. Well that was CUTE! And i passed all my tests and i can't wait to see you because i love you :) -Mal

  2. yay! we can be blogger friends. :) We are having a blast with your family. I can see why you want them to go back home so bad! I don't blame you. Your mom is the best cook & your dad is so funny. Your sisters are adorable too. WE LOVE IT HERE! :)) You and your husband are super cute!

  3. mace.... i am soooo excited to go home. but i have to redo 3 tests. math, geography, and PHYSICS (oh joy).
    they are next week so i'll have time to do them before we leave. and i'll probably pass in everything except physics... cause it was the worst test of my life. and the one i redo will probably be even worse...
    but i am still so excited to go home! and party it up with you! :)

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  5. Pictures are worth a thousand words a piece, so that was an impressive blog post. :D