on repeat

just when i thought i couldn't love john mayer any more than i already do...

there's a fun little surprise in this video. see you if can spot it.
(okay, it's only fun/cool if you're from idaho)
and let me clarify. i don't actually love john. just his music.
i'm pretty excited for may 22. i've been waiting for a new album for too long.


  1. Yay! I'm a John Mayer fan too...I hope his new album is a good one. Didn't know he was such a big Idaho fan! :)

  2. that was great :) -mal

  3. this is a great'n :)

  4. GAH! Made me miss idaho a bit! Jamie Wilde wrote on Facebook that she saw him in Swan Valley getting square Ice Cream in March--wonder if that's when he was making this video :)

    We love John Mayer around here too...