an update

i started school this last week. the semester that i had planned to take off turned into a year & i have been anxious to get back. (i've already had to remind myself multiple times that i was so excited to get back into school.) i really do love learning & i'm especially loving this anatomy class i'm taking. however cramming a whole semester into 6 weeks is terrifying. it hasn't even been a week and i've memorized 300 terms. yuck. please pray for me.
i'm also still working. i love my job though, so can't complain a bit about it.
oh, and i've been trying to re-learn how to run. it's been so crappy lately. it seriously feels like i forgot how. but i'm a determined girl. so hopefully that marathon that i've been dreaming about will happen this fall.

bri got a three day break from school before he started up again. now it's back to the grind for him. (he better get used to it, he's going year-round until he graduates) this semester he's taking a physics for engineers class & i think he's enjoying it so far. i was so surprised when i saw him doing homework @ our kitchen table for the first time the other night. okay, maybe not the first time, but he usually does everything school on campus & saves his evenings for me. i hardly ever see him studying/doing homework. guess this 6 week thing is going to be a little intense for him too. :)
he's also going to be working more hours than usual, but his added hours will be spent teaching the missionaries, which he has missed doing & so he's excited.
and on sunday he got called to be the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. i'm not really sure where he's going to fit that in, but i'm confident he'll go above & beyond just like he does with everything else.
basically, my husband is a champ.

and now for some pictures of what we've been up to besides school & work.

thanks to my dad we've been able to go to a few fun jazz games this year. brian is quite the fan & it's basically his favorite thing to do. he was in heaven. 

we also got to hang out with our two favorite girls a couple weekends ago while my brother & sister in law went to the jazz game. calm down morg & mal, you're our other two favorite girls. (pretty sure they're my only blog readers, so i have to keep them happy.

but i'm talking about these 2 cuties:

being aunt mace & uncle brian is probably favorite thing.

since starting school, most of our free time is spent enjoying the warm weather, whenever we can.

Oh & attending weddings.  sealings, dinners, luncheons, & receptions. 

this was at my best friends wedding. (brian comes for the food.) :)

my sweet mom flew into town last week. her & my sister in law stayed with me over women's conference weekend. we did lots of sewing & lots of eating out. it's been fun to have her.
thanks for all your help mamma. :)

basically we're loving our crazy busy "just get through today" life. i'm just grateful that it is warm outside. & brian is grateful for a little break in school. but mostly we are looking forward to what summer will bring. i'm imagining a few camping trips. planning a few races. and banking on lots family time.


  1. Wow sounds busy busy! You guys are the best though and can make it if anyone can. I've heard anatomy is tough- can't even imagine it crammed into 6 weeks. Good luck! You'll do great. :) Miss you guys!

  2. Hey, I want to be a favorite girl too... I read your blog faithfully! Glad you got to spend time with your mom.

  3. Looks like you guys are having fun. Good luck in the bishopric. Jesse was there for a while and it was tough but it was seriously one of the best blessings.

  4. Done the spring and summer term thing. It really is a lot of school in an itty bitty amount of time but I really enjoyed it. You guys will do great! (That last picture has me craving some Cafe Rio!)

  5. Oh....so cute! Love You guys and miss you guys! -mal