one year.

our marriage is officially one year old. not really sure where the time went. but i am loving this stage. being engaged was fun, the wedding festivities were great, & being a newlywed was a blast, but i can honestly say that where we are now is probably my favorite.

i know that we're still considered newlyweds, however...when most of the people in your ward have been married 2 weeks, it makes you seem pretty experienced. :)

since {july first} was on sunday. we celebreated on saturday. & then on sunday as well. (of course) :)

first stop: couples massage. (that boy sure knows the way to my heart) i'm not sure if he had the idea because i could hardly walk last week after one lousy weight lifting workout. or if he just wanted a massage. (most likely the latter) but it was fabulous. we had a couples massage on our honeymoon, so it was fun to do it again. (babe, i see a tradition forming..next year. yeah?)

Dinner was at Bucca di Beppo. I'd never been and was a happy girl. italian food=the way to my heart. It's currently my new favorite and I'm still dreaming about the mozzarella bread we had for an appetizer.

we spent the rest of the night up in sandy with the family to say goodbye to brians brother & his wife and our cute baby nephew, who are on their way back to texas.
croquet, badmitton, around the world ping-pong & homeade ice cream made for a pretty great evening. never a dull moment at the petersons. :)
brian and i must be on the same page, because we both got each other the exact same thing for a little anniversary gift. i was so excited because it was just what i wanted. i've been sporting a super cheap rose gold watch & it had about had it.  (i wanted a something a little bigger so when we took his to take the links out i exchanged mine) i took a shot in the dark and got brian the watch that i loved. & thank goodness he loves it too. (maybe a little too much?) :)
and i couldn't not add this picture of our cute nephew. i have a feeling he's going to get whatever he wants with those baby blue eyes. :)

on sunday bri conducted in church for the first time. & rocked it. conducting on fast sunday means you get to start off the testimonies. i'm pretty lucky to be married to such a solid guy. i think listening to him was my favorite part of the day. brian isn't one to talk about how awesome/gorgeous/talented/ his wife is over the pulpit. which i'm grateful for--sometimes in young married wards it gets a little out of hand. :) however, yesterday he did mention how grateful he was to be sealed to the woman he loves for time & all eternity. it made my day.

 i came home from church to these flowers on my table. & then we headed to the park for a picnic & a nap under these trees.

we finished the day off with our favorite movie & some popcorn with my friend rach. (we don't do many things without her, so how could we celebrate our anniversary without her?)

speaking of rach, this is the text she sent me. the best part about it is how true it is. :)

it's been a reaaaaally good year. & i can't wait for the rest of them.
love you bri.


  1. it's about time!!!!!
    i loved this post and i hear you're coming home tonight. :)
    we should definitely have a sleepover. cause the last sleepover we had was over a year ago.
    love you!

  2. I know! Isn't it weird how all of a sudden, we're the ones who are the old ones who've been married forever?! It feels like just yesterday we all moved in and introduced ourselves as being married for a week or two. So crazy how time flies. We miss you guys! Can't wait to all get together when we come back.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! You guys are the cutest couple. Love you both!! And yes Rhett gets whatever he wants with those blue eyes and especially with his pouty face. :)

  4. We celebrated your anniversary by partying with Amy in Washington D.C. Happy First! It just gets better and better!