the fourth.

we had a good day on the fourth. my mom & sisters flew in on the third, so everyone made the trip down to utah to spend the fourth in provo. me & the rest of the girls ran a 5k in the morning & then treated ourselves to a pedicure, while the boys golfed.
then we did the stadium of fire. none of us had ever gone before & it was awesome. the firework show was probably the best i've ever seen. (& we saw a pretty awesome one over the ocean last year on our honeymoon) we had fun jamming out to the beach boys (but even more fun watching the old folks jam out around us) & i might have teared up when the choir started singing 'proud to be an american' during the firework show. it was a pretty good night.

brian & drew loving on baby jane.
and me loving being with my cute sisters.

we're loving having the fam home. we may or may not be going to idaho every weekend this next month. :)


  1. Your family is so cute! So glad they're in town for a bit. Stadium of Fire sounds so fun!

  2. Cute blog, Macey! I am sure it's great having your family in town! Ya'll are adorable!

  3. I am so GLAD you have a blog :) i think that is the only reason i get on the computer :) i am so exited to see you and biiiaaan :D love ya siiass

  4. What a fun Fourth of July! And family too! Fabulous!