i have about four different drafts written up of things we've been up to this summer. (most of them consist of our time in idaho) but before i get to those i thought i'd blog about a few things that i don't want to slip through the cracks. 

2 of my long lost best friends came into town in july. 
allie moved to moscow with her husband for law school. thank goodness she makes it down to utah now & then. of course we had to do our regular cafe rio run while she was in town. 
she's expecting a little baby girl in december. & is the cutest pregnant lady i know.

my high school bff holly made a quick visit in july for a wedding. i hadn't seen her since my wedding, a year ago, & it was so great to catch up and meet her little aubree. really wishing these little reunions could happen more often. alaska is too far away...
there are way too many cute babies, everywhere i turn. :)

bri and i got to go to his mission president's homecoming a couple weeks ago. i absolutely loved meeting him. it's fun to finally meet the guy your husband talks so much about & has so much respect for, he definitely lived up to all the hype. 

as we were walking up to talk to him, brian was holding his arms out to give him a hug, but president nelson kind of pushed him aside and yelled "macey!" & then gave me a big hug. i was super impressed that he knew me, (i mean, we sent them a wedding invite, but what mission president remembers one of his first missionaries wives names?)  but that's just exactly the kind of guy he is. he was so kind & personable. one of my new favorite people. 
(also, he kinda looks like president uchtdorf to me. and who doesn't love that?) :)

i'm pretty mad i didn't get a picture of brian with president & sister nelson. but they're the cute couple in the middle....surrounded by all their missionaries.

oh, & brian is the cute one in the tie. :)   


  1. It could be the pres is amazing, or that you are simply unforgettable. I'm just sayin'.

  2. cute post mace! and i could totally spot bri right out of that picture. :)