to idaho & back.

a lot can happen in a weekend. this past month we spent the majority of our weekends in burley. we get home in just enough time to go golfing/running saturday morning. spend a day on the river with the fam. go out to our favorite burley joint sat night. attend church in my favorite ward. & spend some time with the jones cousins. some basketball & races got mixed in there too.
since our house has been pretty full with the whole family home, brian & i get to stay at our favorite bed & breakfast every weekend.
 grandma & grandpa coltrins house :)

[brian isn't in a lot of these pictures because he usually had to go back to provo early for work/church things. he's too responsible for his own good......;)]

brian is slowly, but surely starting to love my little hometown. (even though he probably wouldn't admit it) he hasn't quite gotten over the "stink" he smells while standing in my backyard, but as long as there is golfing, basketball, or boating involved i can usually convince him to make the 3 hour drive. :)
& he keeps me entertained the whole way.


  1. Macey and Brian I love to read your blog today I love to see all of the pictures of you guys it looks like you guys had a lot of fun on the river with your family and all of the Jones cousins I wish I went to the river with you guys so I could ride in the boat Love, Kristi

  2. i love everything about this post! especially brian. :)

  3. i love everything about this post. especially brian. :)

  4. Looks like a whole lot of fun! I was admiring the amazing stack of caramel corn. Oh my, that looked tasty!