to start off, sorry if you read my blog & follow me on instagram. it gets a tad repeatative. :) i want to keep the ol blog up, since it is as close to a journal as i've got. not gonna lie..i've thought about kaboshing it more than once...but every time i go back & read old posts i'm so glad i kept it up throughout the first year of our marriage...so i guess i'll just keep truckin.'

we are still just moving right along in school. & trying to have fun while doing it. i've never worked 20-25 hours while going to school before, so it's been interesting/really busy. but i love my job. & school has been really great this semester (due to a certain cousin of mine)...so i really can't complain.
i get to spend quite a few hours a week with becca. we see each other every day & it's made school a lot more fun. i don't know if i'd be surviving my physiology class without her...most likely not.
markers+a white board make studying ten times more fun.

this would be brian doing helping me with my homework. he's basically my personal tutor. he knows just about everything & has to explain anything chemistry+math related to me over & over. 
he has yet to lose his patience with me. or EVER say no when i ask him for help...(even if that help takes hours...) such a gem.

speaking of brian, he has a little bit easier of a schedule this semester. or so he says. 2 of the classes he's in were some of my hardest classes.  (stats. & a history class) but of course, for him, they're easy compared to the usual engineering agenda. he's so happy to be free of math. (even though, in my mind, stats is still math...am i right?) oh, & he is the smartest one in his spanish class.  surprise, surprise.
he's also been thinking a lot about what he wants to do next summer. his 3 years is up at the mtc in may so we're thinking about an internship somewhere for the summer. unless he stays at the mtc..which could very well happen. he absolutely loves it there, & a promotion definitely isn't out of reach for him. i'm kind of going crazy because i want to plan out exactly what we'll be doing for the next little bit, but of course it doesn't happen that way. so i guess time will tell.....
this would be him heading off to his first internship interview. most of them won't happen until february, but he got to do kind of a pre-interview for a company. 

and then there's intramural soccer. in this weather? awesome. i love watching him do what he does best. 

oh, and these are two of brian's latest new things. he got to know a few of the guys that i work with (one of them being my manager) by playing basketball there every once in a while. apparently he knows his stuff & they asked him a couple weeks ago if he would like to coach in a league. he loves to teach & is already loving teaching these little 8th graders all that they need to know.

& then there's the guitar. he picked it up & in a day could already play a song that i've never learned (and would never attempt to learn, because it's hard.) i'm still a little bit in denial & disbelief that he's obviously going to be a natural...
on the bright side...at least my guitar is getting some attention. it's been getting a little dusty lately.

as usual. we live for the weekends. (even though i work half of my hours friday night/saturday morning. but saturday afternoon when i'm done...is wonderful.)
i snagged some tickets to go to the general relief society broadcast with becca (cousin) and kimmy (my cousin's wife) it was a lot of fun & we had great seats. & weren't the speakers awesome? im already in love with our new RS presidency.
we spent conference weekend in sandy. & of course this is the only picture i took. brian loves his dog.

im able to get off work every once in a while for a football game. & we love it when trae & lis come down & join us. 
we love that my dad has season tickets & can't wait until he's back to come down for every game!

bri is really awesome & takes me on a date every saturday. okay, he usually takes me on one during a week night too....:)
& cafe rio makes it into our agenda way more than it should...

we are loving our busy life, & praying that this semester will in fact come to an end eventually. (okay, mostly just i am) but good news, we're exactly halfway done. :)


  1. Even though i've seen ll these pictures on instagram...i love reading it :) cute post

  2. I don't do instagram so I'm really glad you decided to keep the blog going. Whiteboards and markers DO make studying more fun, as well as having really smart hubbies. (This I know.) Brian is a natural at coaching, as well as guitar I guess. And a big YAY for being halfway done with the semester. Because of Thanksgiving it's the shorter half, right?