as of this weekend i think fall has officially come to an end. it was longer than it normally is this year & i loved it. here are a few of the fun things we did.

daily hot cocoa @ our house. (i truly am my mothers daughter) :)

frightmares @ lagoon with the petersons.

made some caramel apples.

both of us started a training program for a half we're running in january. 
i run on this road daily.

we've been eating a lot of soup. 

a few fun double dates.

we even doubled with our bishop & the other counselor and their wives the other night & had a blast.
pumpkin painting. (we're not big halloweeners, this is about as far as our celebrating went.)
i guess we also visited the haunted forest. like we do every year for my mother-in-law's birthday. but i didn't get any great pictures of that. :)

 & it's about that time...where way too much time on campus is required to keep up with all the homework. this would be my view getting to campus one early (chilly) morning. i sort of love byu.

 oh & we voted. and showed our support on election day.
once again, this girl is the only reason i'm making it through this semester.

& here's proof that we've said goodbye to fall. brian's flag football last night. it didn't stop snowing the entire time. 
after experiencing this we decided to opt out of the last byu home game tonight. (too cold) 
hey, don't judge...it was brian's idea. :)

i did all of the things on my fall to-do list. (well, except hike the Y-but i'm not that disappointed that that one didn't happen) & i've officially moved on to christmas to-do's & birthdays. basically my whole family has birthdays this next month. or so it seems. but bring it on.
 november really is the best month. :)


  1. What a beautiful picture of the campus! Hot chocolate, soup, and snow. November IS a great month (even though I can only dream of the snow)!

  2. i really wish i could have been there for fall and wish i were there right now. i miss the cold weather. but when we get home i'm sure it will be even colder! you post the cutest posts mace. :)