i had the perfect birthday. i attribute a lot of it to the fact that i spent the whole day with brian. that's right folks, the whole day. can't remember the last time that happened. but it was fabulous.

we didn't do anything extravagant. but our day went like this:
tried to go to the temple. (i showed up without my temple recomment) typical.
breakfast at dennys. (i love breakfast dates)
i watched brian coach a basketball game.
then we headed to the new outlets @ travers mountain (& got some killer deals)
we had dinner at glorias little italy. this was probably my favorite part. i love italian food. it was delicious. not to mention there was a complimentary accordian player who was legit.
after dinner we headed to riverwoods for a caramel apple. (thats all i wanted for dessert-im obsessed) it was all decked out with christmas lights. & so we had fun walking around.

and then last minute we decided to go see twilight. (which was entertaining) :)

brian also surprised me with some songs on the guitar & serenaded me at the end of the night. i've always wanted to be serenaded by a boy. on the guitar. :) the last song he played for me was the song he proposed to me with. (when he proposed he was just singing along to the song playing on his iphone) & he had me in tears.
it was the best surprise.
& the most perfect day.


  1. What an amazing day! I love birthdays and am delighted yours was such a happy one. (I enjoyed Twilight. My hubby enjoyed the fact that it was the last one he had to go to.)

  2. Such a fun birthday! Way to go Brian on the guitar! Can't wait to see you guys soon!