we had just enough time to drive up to idaho for thanksgiving day.
we both had to work the wednesday before, & the saturday after. so it wasn't the longest break. but it was much needed.

it was my family's turn for thanksgiving this year, but when they are in a different country that makes it hard. thank goodness i have the most awesome sister in law who decided to take on thanksgiving dinner. she really is the best. so with all my brothers & my grandparents, we had enough people to make it a feast.
 the whole gang, minus melissa who is taking the picture.
our favorite dinner quote was when my four year old niece said:
 "mom.....why am i the only little girl in this family?"
good question ave. 
it must get kind of lonely hanging out with grown ups all day. poor thing.

we got just enough lovin on these two cute nieces to hold us over until we see them at christmas. {hopefully.}

we made it home in time to make our annual gingerbread houses with the petersons.
i am way too much of a perfectionist for this kind of project. sadly, this year doesn't show that, i spent a total of 10 minutes on my house this year.

and another favorite thanksgiving tradition is going to the messiah sing-along in salt lake with brian's fam. i do more following along than actual singing. but it sure is fun to hear brian dominate that tenor part. (he can dominate the alto & soprano parts too.) show off
now all we have to do is pass our finals so that we can start thinking about christmas.
wish us luck.


  1. Love reading your blog : ) Hopefully we will see you guys over Christmas break!

  2. What a nice Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays. I usually have family here so I'm not sad about not being in Utah with my family, but I've never been able to do the Messiah Sing-in. About that, I'm a little wistful. I'm glad you get to go. Good luck with finals!