i am in shock that it is already february. & already a week into february at that! january flew by. & i can only hope the rest of this semester does the same. i know, i know..i shouldn't be wishing the days away. but guys, this semester is tough.

i started opening the gym. guess what that means? i'm in bed by 8, & up at 4. every. single. day. (well, except weekends. which i'm pretty sure i will never love more than i do now.) it has been weird. i honestly can't believe that i have been doing it for almost 2 months now. i really didn't think i would survive. and although it is hard sometimes, i love it more than i thought i would. (and lets be honest, i don't mind that i can get basically all my homework done for the day, while getting paid. win/win.)

i don't love the fact that i hardly ever see brian. i remember saying that last semester, but this time i really mean it! it's not uncommon to go a whole day without seeing each other.  i give him a kiss goodbye in the morning, we do school/work/gym during the day & he gives me a little snuggle at night when he gets in bed after work. (i've been asleep for a couple hours at this point) we tried to read scriptures before i left for work at 4:15 am for the first little while (that was the only time we could think to fit it in) but it was messing with brian's sleep schedule pretty badly, so we're still trying to figure that one out....

i am absolutely loving my classes this semester. (well most of them) i feel like i'm finally learning things that i'll be implementing when i train people. it is so cool, i'm like a sponge in class! i just can't get enough!

i think brian feels the same way, he's taking some classes that he loves, but his require a little more time than mine do. most days his assignment take him 3+ hours to do. poor guy. but he's rocking it.

like i said, i live for the weekends. i'm done with work at 10 am on friday & try not to touch any homework the whole time. (that only works sometimes)

a couple weekends ago we went sledding with brian's fam @ soldier hollow in midway. and i'll let the picture do the talking.

of course we didn't get any pictures of us actually sledding. we focused most of our cameras on rhett's cute face. and that's fine. thats what nephews are for right?


  1. cute blog header, Macey!!

  2. Brutal schedule! aargh! I give you permission to be glad time is flying by on this semester. You're almost halfway done! And yes, that is what cute nephew are for.