i've said it before and i'll say it again. i love valentines day as a married woman. i had a little bit of a rough week during valentines. a test in my hardest class+another test+three really important projects/assignments=not so happy macey. but even with all that goin on i still loved it. we decided to do all things valentiney on friday since we would be busy with school & work all day on thursday. 

however, after i took one of my tests wednesday night, i came home to find these pretty things sitting on our table with an even better love note attached. i was surprised to get them the day before: 1) because we were doing all our valentines things on friday...or so i thought...and 2) since when is brian on top of things? :)

there was also a pretty big box sitting on our doorstep which was addressed to me. i opened it to find some new boots i had been wanting. (best husband ever) i'm still deciding if i want to keep them....they're exactly what i wanted, however after getting them i'm not sure if i'll wear them enough. mostly because all i can think about when i put them on is wearing boots exactly like this when i used to move hand lines all summer......but at the same time i think they look so cute on every girl i see wearing them? i'm so indecisive.
{let me know what you think of them. you  can see them here. they're the black ones}

valentines day was a busy day for both of us. i didn't think we would even get to see each other, but i  wanted to do a few fun things for bri. he had told me a couple of days before: "all i want for valentines day are those kisses with caramel in them." easy enough right? turns out when you wait until the 14th to do your shopping all of the kisses are gonzo. i had to go to three different stores to find them.  
i took a shot in the dark and got him a nike lightweight golf polo. which he was ecstatic about. (thank goodness) also, thank goodness for tjmaxx, because those things normally are way out of my budget.
i also waited up for him to get home from work. which i was quite proud of, because it is not an easy task for me these days. but it was valentines day...i wasn't about to go to bed at 8. (i'm such a party animal.)

we did our dinner/date the next night & went to our favorite place:: pizza factory. followed by watching bri coach his basketball team, & then we finished off the night by going to see that new nicholas sparks movie, & made it a double by sitting right next to our friends, completely unintentionally. :)

i am pretty thankful for my cute valentine. thanks for a great couple of days babe!


  1. I want to know what boots you got!

    1. KIM! i put a link to them so that you can see. :)

  2. What a happy Valentine's Day celebration! Our anniversary is right after Valentine's Day so we have several days of lovey-dovey stuff. My fav!