bri & i tend to pack the weekend with way more things than will even fit into our schedule. and this last weekend was no exception. in fact, most of my chores (that usually get done on saturday) were completely ignored. which is a problem because i don't really have time any other day of the week to do all that fun stuff. oh well, we can live with a dirty shower...i guess. :)

my last week was absolutely terrible. i'm positive every big assignment + every hard test fell during the week. at the end of the week i felt just as relieved as i do at the end of a semester. so some celebrating was in order.

i had a get together with my favorite friends. dinner + a sleepover =some much needed girl time. my mom was also in town for the day & joined us for dinner.

 i have loved having my mom around. i really thought i knew how much i missed her when she was gone, but over time i think i had just forgot what it was like to be able to call her up & chat with her every day & see her almost every weekend. it has been the best. love this lady!

brian & i decided that saturday was the perfect day. (& we plan for most of our saturdays to be like this over the summer).
we spent the morning playing tennis with our friends paige & alex. i was the only one without much tennis experience, but they were nice & played easy on me. :) & of course my husband is the best coach/teacher in the world. pretty sure i'll be playing decent in no time. (i hope.) we finished off with a little basketball & then headed home to take the most glorious afternoon nap. (we did have full intentions to clean the house & do the laundry...oops.)

we then went on our weekly date night. we joined two of my high school friends & their husbands for dinner @ buffalo wild wings. (my first experience, & it was a good one) we then headed over to trafalga to play miniature golf & then laser tag a couple of times. the first game of laser tag we got absolutely dominated by about 10 little kids. (and when i say little kids, i mean 5-8 year olds) so we went into the next game talking/planning out our stradegy so it wouldn't happen again, needless to say i'm pretty sure the girl that was running the game thought we were ridiculous. (hey, we're competitive)
we had a blast & brian told me the next time he's home alone because i'm doing something else he's just going to head to trafalga and play laser tag.
the funny thing is, i wouldn't be surprised at all if he actually did that.
we are so grateful for good friends. we only wish we had more time so we could hang out with more of our friends & do it more often.

& the good news is: only four more weeks of school....
& only four more days until the weekend. :)


  1. just to let you know...i still read your blogs because you are funny! love ya can't wait to see you. -Mal

  2. Glad you got some down time after that horrid week, and that your mom was here. The best!