since byu doesn't have a spring break (awful), we took our own mini break last weekend. the in-laws were driving down to phoenix to meet our new nephew & so we bought one way flights (to come back) & jumped in with them. the 12 hour drive down wasn't as bad as i was expecting. it helped that we split it up & spent the night in vegas. i spent most of my time studying in the backseat (some break huh?) while brian and his dad jammed out together in the front seat. (those two looooove their music.) we took a quick stop at the hoover dam when brian's nerdy engineering side came out. and another stop at a sketchy barbeque place halfway between vegas & phoenix. (that ended up being pretty good...once you got over the weird waitress with looooong gray indian braids)

our time in phoenix was spent cuddling the most perfect 4 week old baby cooper, lots of time at the pool, we got our tennis fix & of course ate way too much. bj & amanda introduced us to an amazing mexican place, and an even more amazing sno-cone place for dessert. & on sunday we had a barbeque outside (it the PERFECT weather). oh, & of course we watched a lot of basketball.

monday afternoon we hopped on a flight back to provo, & got right back into the swing of things with tests & way too much homework waiting for us.

it was was a really short little break, but much needed.
summer better come fast or i'm going to pack up & move down south. :) 
wow, please ignore my recently untucked wrinkly shirt.
the best we could do for a group picture. :)


  1. What fun! I'm so glad you got a mini-break. That little Cooper is a cutie pie!

  2. Looks so fun! Jealous you guys all got to be together! Cooper is such a sweet baby. Miss you guys!