guess who got to celebrate easter with her family this year? since the fam shipped off to brasil (3 years ago) i haven't had an easter with them, so i was so excited to go home & spend the weekend!

 saturday was spent watching brian and my oldest brother play in a basketball tournament. the tournament was triple elimination, which literally made for an entire day of basketball. (so is my life) they played really well & ended up getting third. (i think?)
our little janey loves to walk, and brian has the patience to hold her hand and let her walk everywhere we go. i know, i know..he needs his own little babe..someday. :)

sunday we had the best feaster & and i loved going to my home ward. my sweet mom rocks at holidays and never disappoints. my parents send us all on a scavenger hunt to find our baskets. (you'd think we are all like 10) we drive through the neighborhood/ward following clue after clue until we find our easter baskets. this year was pretty funny because we actually passed the house and saw our baskets on the porch at clue #2. mal said, "well, there are our baskets......." but we decided to finish the rest of the clue's before we went back.

our friend aubs came home with us for the weekend & we loved having her!
clearly brian wasn't in the picture taking mood most of the weekend.

and how could i not add this picture of my sweet nieces in their easter dresses? we are OBSESSED with them! (in fact, they are usually the reason for our trips home)


  1. Mace you look and sound great! Miss you friend!
    Good news..we are coming to utah/idaho in may!! Hopefully we can coordinate something so we can see each other!

  2. What fun! Your mom is awesome!