i'm going to be playing a little catch-up on what we've been up to this past month. 

we had the opportunity to go to general conference with my fam. i went to the saturday afternoon session with my mom dad & sisters, & brian went to the priesthood session with my dad, uncle and a few of my cousins. 
conference always comes at a time for me right when i need it. (like the end of the loooongest winter semester when you are burnt out to the max/stressed to the max) i enjoyed it so much & am so grateful that it comes around every 6 months.  
^^i also love any excuse to hang out with these hooligans.
^^bri ran in to one of his favorite missionary buddies.

i'm loving having my family back in the country & am definitely making up for all the missed time. they come down to utah all the time and we love it! in fact one week my parents drove down three different times. best week of my life.
^^we are especially smitten by this sweet thing. 

we finished winter semester!! thank goodness. i really NEVER thought it would end. between working at 4 am & not getting to spend very much time with brian it was a little bit rough. however, being extremely busy definitely made it go by faster. & i did take my favorite class i've ever taken at byu, so it did have some positives i guess. :)

we loved exam preparation days/finals week. (well besides the taking the finals part) not having class meant we could actually spend some time with each other. i didn't even open a book during preparation day, oops. i did take a 3 hour nap everyday though, and that was soo nice. 

 the last day of finals we studied ALL day together. (which never happens since we usually aren't on campus at the same time, and when we are we are on completely opposite ends) we even took our last two finals at the  testing center together. unfortunately leaving 2 finals for the last day of finals is unwise, we had to wait in line for about an hour to take our last one, however we are counting our blessings because most people had to wait 2-3 hours. yuck!

all of my friends graduated this spring. which made me a tad bit jealous. but at the same time i'm sort of grateful i have a little longer as they freak out about big girl jobs/grad school/not knowing what to do. :)
^^ this girl was my first college friend & i am so glad she liked me enough to keep hanging out with me for the last 5 years. 

this summer we are hiking the grand canyon with the petersons & running the ragnar relay shortly after that! we are trying to get in a few hikes in preparation. although from the stories i hear from the peterson boys i'm not sure anything i do will actually prepare me. :/
^^our hike to the Y one saturday morning.

we also bought a sawweeeet backpack to take with us on the grand canyon hike. brian keeps telling me we want to have plenty of water or else we'll be miserable. oh joy.
our visit to scheels for that backpack was our first time there, & we were in heaven! best sporting goods store ever.

lots of running going on over here. (for me) brian hasn't quite caught the training bug yet except for a few runs that i begged him to accompany me on.  i'm working on him. :)
^^matching shoes.

we both started up spring term 3 days after finals were over. i'm having a hard time staying motivated, but am just trying to keep in mind that it's only 7 weeks. we are both taking a full load & so it should be busy. one of the classes i'm taking is my last GE class, writing, and am nervous because i'm pretty sure i don't even remember how to write a paper. (i can write up an exercise program no problem though) :) we both get a break from school summer term, so hopefully it comes quick!

 thankfully brian doesn't have to work in the evenings anymore. which has been great! & we've taken advantage of it. unfortunately i don't go to bed quite as early anymore, but still wake up a couple hours before the crack of dawn. i just run around on a lot less sleep & a mid afternoon nap is a priority. but enjoying the summer evenings is totally worth it. :)


  1. Now i'm even more mad we didn't get a graduation picture together. :)

  2. Now i'm even more mad we didn't get a graduation picture together. :)

  3. How nice to have your family back, and you and Brian can spend time together again! I am so excited you get to do the Grand Canyon this summer. It's still on my to-do list.