just a few pictures from the weekend we moved. :)
^^thank goodness for these boys, who spent a good chunk of their day on friday to move us. it took a few hours to load all of our stuff into the truck & a few more hours to unload it. thanks to them i didn't have to carry any of the heavy stuff. 

we spent all day saturday unpacking. brian's mom, dad & sister came down and were a huge help & then my mom and sisters showed up to help. thanks to my mom--& im sure my sisters helped a little:)--i didn't have to step foot in my old apartment to clean. she did it ALL. bless her heart. :)
after a long day of packing we went to californa pizza kitchen for dinner. one of my faves. then we finished off the night with waffle love. if you follow me or brian on instagram, you've recognized that we are a bit obsessed with it. 
on sunday we attended out old ward one last time. it was fun introducing my mom & sisters to all of our old friends. after church we got to skype with elder jones & then talk on the phone with elder peterson! so fun having 2 missionary brothers out serving. 
we finished the day off with a barbeque at the peterons, seriously nothing better!
we've started the summer off with a bang & are pretty excited for the rest of it! :)

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  1. Wowsers! You guys packed in a lot of stuff in one weekend. Glad the move went so well. I'll have to check out the waffles the next time I'm out there.