i took about a 3 month blogging break. oops. i get a little stressed out when i haven't documented our lives. (because maybe i will forget???) even though my goal is to write down stuff soon after it happens so i can remember details-->a catch up post will have to do for now. so this is a little catch up of the beginning of our summer....

we moved into our new apartment--which we LOVE and then we both started spring classes. & that's about where everything starts to kind of blur together in my memory. is it terrible that i look back on my instagram posts to remember what happened when? hey, it works for me.
 ^^this is a super random picture. but i took it one night while we were out on a little evening stroll and i just remember being really happy. (which would explain my ridiculously cheesy smile) that's our new home in the top left corner. also, we live about 100 steps from the new provo temple. SO EXCITING.

my family is officially moving to heber! @ the end of their brasilian adventure that's where they've decided to be. i am over the moon excited. they will be 30 minutes away from me...sometimes i still can't even believe it!

morg & mal spent about two weeks with brian & i earlier in the summer while i drove them back and forth for girls camp and dance camp (in heber.) it was fun having them around. when they weren't at camp (which wasn't very often) we tried to sneak in a few fun things. like 7 peaks and lagoon. i am sure excited to see these 2 more often than once every 6 months!
 ^^brian gets along really well with these two. who am i kidding. he gets along way too well with them. & i love it. i'm never afraid he's going to get sick of being with us girls all day..thank goodness. (and lets be honest, he probably likes them so much because they laugh at all of his jokes.)

we drove up to idaho one weekend to watch my brother run his half marathon.weird reason to go home, but we can ALWAYS use an excuse to get out of provo....

^^this little nina has brian wrapped around her little finger. "hey can i drive home from church?" you got it ave. only in idaho......

^^REAL salt lake game with the petersons.

 ^^this would be us at the bottom, and then the top of squaw peak. we tried to get in a few hikes in preparation for hiking the grand canyon. (unfortunately we only did this one) this hike was one of my favorites! it isn't easy, but it isn't ridiculously hard either. and the views are gorgeous. we'll definitely be doing it again sometime. :)

next up. that one time we hiked the grand canyon.....for real.


  1. I LOVE the picture of you and Bri on the ride together at Lagoon. So cute and real. You guys are so perfect together. Miss you guys!

  2. I am so happy your family is moving to Heber when they get back to the states. How wonderful for you! Once you mentioned starting spring term there was no need to excuse yourself for not blogging. Spring and summer terms are intense!