somehow our neighbors convinced us to run the ragnar with them. [back in june] i had so much fun when i did it a couple of years ago, but was sure brian wouldn't be interested. but i was pleasantly surprised when he said he was game.

the plan was to be all trained up and ready to go. [since both of us had legs that equaled about 21 miles] but of course school got in the way. [good ol spring semester] so we went into it with basically no training under our belt at all. we are so adventurous. :)

the best part of the whole weekend is that i had to take a final on thursday. i had coordinated it with my professor to take the final early, but he never showed up and wouldn't return any of my calls, so i had no choice but to take it when it was scheduled. SO, we drove up to logan, i ran my first leg, then hopped in my car and drove down to provo, took my final, and hopped back into my car and met up with my team just in time to run my second leg. it was crazy>>and i'm still mad at my teacher about it.

i ran a 7.3 miles, 8.5 miles, and then 5 miles. the worst leg was my middle leg. 8.5 miles DOWNHILL. and not just any downhill, steep downhill. my calves were still sore from hiking the crand canyon and they were feeling it.

brian ran 7 miles, 5 miles and then 8 miles. and he ROCKED IT. for doing absolutely no training (except an 8 mile run a few weeks before) :) i was so proud of him. his last leg was the 8 miles & it was HARD. at least half of it was steep uphill. he slowed down a little bit, but finally made it.

^^my brother & sister in law ran for a different team. we started @ the same time and our teams were about the same speed, so we got to see them a couple of times along the way.
^^head lamps & reflective vests. so we didn't get run over by any cars.
^^after i finished my last leg. hallelujah!
^^ @ the end of the race we waited in line to get free massages. they lasted about 10 minutes, but for some reason my guy went for about 45 minutes. I was in heaven.


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  1. I am most impressed, especially the driving back and forth from Provo in between the running part.