my dad's family does a camping trip every summer in august called the jones family outing. growing up it was always the highlight of the summer. i haven't been able to go the past couple of years because something more important has always come up (but now that i think about it, what could possibly be more important?!) brian has never gone to one ever....terrible. but this last time my dad & i decided we weren't going to miss it. the rest of my family was in brasil & brian had a big campout that weekend with the scouts that he couldn't miss. so it was just my dad & i & my brother and his little family.

this year was my grandpa jones' 80th birthday. for his birthday he wanted to hike up to lake cleveland with his whole family. so that was one of the things we did that weekend. along with family talent night, lots of yummy food & just hanging around chatting with aunts, uncles & cousins.
^^of course there was some kanjam involved.
^^wackee six
^^representing the dee jones family
^^all of the campers.
^^this little lady was a trooper. hiked the whole way. [except for the parts she begged me for a piggy back ride] :)
^^all of the hikers.

after this year i decided i'm never missing a campout again. i really love my jones family!


  1. What a fun tradition! And your grandpa is awesome! Let me see. Where do I want to hike when I turn 80?

  2. next up...baby update :) I'm dying to hear all about it!