when doing a recap of our summer i forgot to mention what brian spent most of his time doing. :) not really most, but he did go golfing quite a bit. (& is still going because it hasn't snowed yet....which i am ever so grateful for, but kind of confused about since it usually snows in utah in october....)

i'm sure i've mentioned this before, but when brian decides he wants to do something, he always does it 100%. for example, when i finally talked him into reading the hunger games books (before the first movie came out) he didn't just read them, he read them all in a day and a half. or, when he decided he wanted to learn the guitar--he was playing harder songs than i can even play within a couple of weeks. and this is why he is good at everything he does. & is actually one of my favorite things about him. because i know when he decides to do something, he's going to do it well.

--side note: last winter he decided he was going to get into paint-balling. (and of course, if he's going to get into it, he's going to get good at it) i was kind of worried when he was shopping for guns/gear online. because, no offense, but who gets into paint-balling?? thankfully it never really developed into anything. i think i somehow talked him out of it. :)

even though golf isn't super great for our budget, i am really glad that he has found something that he loves to do when he can. he goes on his man/golfing dates almost on a weekly basis these days, & i'm glad that he gets to do something he loves with his friends.

bri tries to get me to go golfing with him at least once a week. & if it wasn't so dang expensive i probably would, but instead i usually just go and sit in the cart & watch him/read. these pictures are from a saturday morning golf date that we went on a couple of weeks ago where i did actually golf. it was the perfect october weather & i impressed bri with my driving skills. :) pretty great day.

here are a few pictures i snapped. i'm still not very good at remembering to not talk in his back-swing, so i just take out my camera & snap pictures to keep myself distracted. :) 
utah is pretty dang beautiful. 

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  1. You are a good wife to go and spend time with him on the course, especially when you don't even play. It is really unusual to not have any snow in Utah during October. I was praying so hard for good weather November 2nd I may have messed things up. It snowed November 3rd. Pretty cool actually.