isn't it funny how when you are in school time goes by as semesters? for example, all of my pictures in my photo album are arranged as semesters. winter is january through april. the same as winter semester. spring is may & june. which is spring term. summer is july & august & then we have fall. september through december. i'm sure i'll categorize life that way until we are finished with school. and i'm fine with it.

so fall semester is in full swing. in fact, i started my block class this last week which means we are officially halfway over! this is about the time in the semester that you realize how many papers/projects you still have to do before the middle of december, and wonder how in the world you are going to get them all done? but somehow they always get done..i just try to remember that. :)

this semester has been a little bit different for us. brian finished working at the mtc in august and had been doing an internship with big D construction. but as soon as he started his senior year of engineering in september he quickly realized that he would need to do about 6 hours of homework a day in order to keep up. so, when his internship ended he decided he needed to focus on school in order to keep his grades up for grad school. it's my last semester. {and i'm pretty excited to finally be able to say that.} i knew i would need to take a full load in order to be completely finished in december, but there was one class i didn't know i needed to take, which left me taking 17 credits this semester. & one of the classes is terribly, terribly hard & so we also decided it would be best if i focused on school and not completely kill myself by trying to work+do school+and be pregnant. so neither of us are working...we're broke and living on love. :) we both spend a lot of time doing homework. but thankfully we still get to spend our evenings together since we aren't working. even if it means sitting on the couch studying by each other. :) when brian and i were fist married i never saw him do homework at home. he was really good to get it all done on campus during the day, so that in the evenings he could just spend time with me. so it's been a little bit different with him having to do a couple of hours of homework every single night, but i'm just grateful that he is such a hard worker. :)

he also keeps pretty busy with intramural football & ultimate frisbee. he's usually on a soccer team too, but decided he probably should keep it to 2 games a week instead of three. or maybe he did that for my sake? :)

so that's what we've been up to! a lot of school & trying to enjoy our last couple months with just the two of us before we add a third. :) as i was looking through the few pictures i have under "fall2013" i realized that i mostly only have pictures of us at football games. go figure. brian loves byu football & i love going with him because he loves it so much.

needless to say, as i get bigger, sitting in the same position for 4 hours isn't the most comfortable thing, BUT i try not to complain because every game so far this year the weather has been absolutely perfect. :) i would rather be uncomfortable because i have a cute little babe in my belly rather than uncomfortable because i'm freezing.
everyone got soaked the first game, except for us because we stayed in the car until the rain stopped. :)
^^our view from the nosebleeds & a 25 week baby bump.
^^i really love this die hard byu fan of mine.

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  1. One of my favorite marriage memories is taking a really hard class together during the summer term I was pregnant with Ted. John and I studied together every night, and went to class together every day. It was so nice to get so much couple time before baby made three. Glad you guys are getting that too!