i decided it was about time to post about the biggest thing happening in our lives lately. we have a little girl coming in 3 months! (and right now i'm freaking out that it's only three months away.) we are so excited to become parents. (a little bit terrified...but mostly excited.)

we found out we were expecting back in the beginning of may. i took 2 tests before i believed it was true. (not that it was a surprise, i just couldn't believe it) we were leaving that day to go to idaho for the weekend. i kept the news to myself the whole drive from provo to burley. & then kept it to myself from burley to boise. i was bummed that i didn't have a creative/fun way to tell brian the news. we were in boise to watch my brother run a half marathon, so when we got to the hotel i decided i couldn't keep it to myself anymore. probably my favorite memory to date is when i told finally told him. i just showed him both pregnancy tests. he was so excited & so happy that it made me start to cry. (of course)

we decided that we wanted to keep it to ourselves until we found out the gender. i mostly wanted to wait to make sure all was well, but also because i heard it goes by way faster when everybody doesn't know. & thankfully i didn't really start showing until a couple of weeks ago....so it was pretty easy to do. we told both of our parents right away. i mostly just needed someone to talk to about it 24/7 (my mom.) there were a few slip ups & my dad accidentally blurted it out to my sister in law. and my older brother came & stayed with us a few weekends & suspected (probably because i slept basically the whole time he was there) and ended up somehow getting it out of my mom. other than that we were really good secret keepers.

my first trimester was a breeze. i never got sick at all & besides not really wanting to eat anything--i felt fine. i was still working at 4am-so i would basically sleep anytime i wasn't in class or at work. but i can always use a good excuse for an afternoon nap, or three. so i was fine with it. :)

we found out the gender at 17.5 weeks & were shocked. we both thought for sure that it was a boy. the peterson family is mostly boys. & has mostly boys. (however all of my cousins on the jones side have had little girls--so i'm not sure why i was so surprised.) but with finding out so early, i still was a little bit worried that it would be different the next time i went in. even  thought my ultrasound tech said "i'm 99% sure it's a girl, and the only reason i'm not saying 100% is because i'm not supposed to."

i didn't start feeling her move until around 23 weeks. i was sitting doing homework and bent over to pick up something i dropped (completely squishing her) and i felt a really strong kick. for the next week or so that was the only time i would feel her, if i was bent over squishing her. feeling her move has probably been my favorite part. it's probably just because that's how i know she is in there since i haven't really felt any differently the whole pregnancy. sometime she gets a little crazy late at night when i'm trying to sleep, but even then i enjoy it.

i'm officially 28 weeks as of this week. and finally feel pregnant. (don't get me wrong, i've felt huge the whole time, but now it looks like i'm pregnant rather than looking like i've gained 15 pounds) i am mostly trying to focus on getting through the semester, which has been completely insane. (but we are halfway there!) i know once the november gets here and the holidays come time is going to fly by so fast, so i'm just trying to enjoy my last couple of months of being pregnant.

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  1. Ummm YAY! So happy for you. Seriously! Its a life changer.

    Cooper Wesley Burningham was born 2 weeks ago. How do you feel about arranged marriages? :)