thanksgiving break was heavenly for us over here. it always comes right when you need it. am i right? we spent tuesday-sunday in sandy with the petersons & loved every second of our no school/no work week. i can't even remember the last time that happened.

as always, i didn't get many pictures. the boys spent most of their mornings playing basketball/football etc. we watched lots of movies, lots of football, and played plenty of charades. and i slept in to my hearts content as well as took a nap everyday. a pregnant ladies dream.
^^the whole gang sunday morning.

somehow my mom & sister-in-law talked me into going black friday shopping. i'm usually 100% against it. BUT the outlets in park city opened @ 10 pm thursday night. (yep--i'm totally one of those people that started shopping on thanksgiving) which meant we could get a lot of shopping done and still get to bed at a reasonable time. which is what we did. i think i'm converted--because i got 90% of my christmas shopping done. totally worth it.

since we spent the whole break in sandy & didn't get to see my family, we went up sunday night to have dinner and visit.
^^these two love brian.

life after thanksgiving break got crazy real fast. only 3 more weeks of school, but i wasn't even sure how i was going to accomplish all of the projects, papers, & tests that i still had to do in just 3 weeks. (still working on that) however--we've still found some time for a little bit of fun.

my fabulous friends threw me a mini bridal shower. i'm having three different ones, so for this one i just invited friends my age. it was so much fun.

that same day we celebrated brian's 25th birthday. (i can't believe he's halfway to 30...whaaaattt?) we didn't do anything too exciting, just dinner+a movie+frozen yogurt. i am so grateful to be married to this guy. he makes life so much fun & keeps me laughing almost constantly.
^^i know it's a terrible picture, but i just want to document it. we are pretty happy in this picture.

we've also attended a few holiday parties (and still have a few more to go to) & we got to go see savior of the world at the conference center.
^^oh, and i'm still pregnant. :)--an update coming on that soon.
well....as soon as i pass my finals. 

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