i had a really good birthday. it's always fun when you're birthday is on sunday--because then you celebrate on saturday by going out to dinner + shopping. you know, all the things that you can't do on sunday. but then you get celebrated on sunday TOO. it's like a double birthday.

the day started out with snow. which i weirdly loved. usually i'm sick of the snow by now-but since it hasn't even really come & stayed yet i've been missing it. brian let me sleep in while he went and froze his buns off at his intramural football game. when he got home he insisted we go to breakfast. kneaders it is! then we went to a matinee, skipped the byu game (because it was cold & we knew it would be lame-they played idaho state) & brian let me take a nap. the day could have ended right there and i would have been a happy camper.

for dinner we headed up to salt lake to eat at buca di beppo. my favorite italian place. & then finished the night at the apple store to buy a case for the ipad he surprised me with. (i know, i still can't believe it) we usually don't go big on birthdays. but he was so cute explaining to me that i would love it for reading when i'm spending hours rocking our new little babe in the rocking chair-and how i'll REALLY love it to watch shows on when i'm on the treadmill for hours trying to run off all my lovely baby weight. so true. he spoils me.

on sunday my sweet mother threw a little party for matt & I. cafe rio burritos for dinner & those delicious ice cream cakes hit the spot. we haven't been in the same place for our birthdays since high school-so it was fun to celebrate together. because that's what twins are for!
also, i can't believe i'm 24. i still feel like i'm 20. but age 25 is the one that really freaks me out-so at least i have a year to prepare for that. :)

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  1. Wow! Both of those cakes look so good! It was really fun to see your pictures from Cory and McCall's wedding too.