in honor of being 40.8 weeks pregnant--i thought i'd document a little bit about this pregnancy, and post the few belly shot pictures that i took.

 i have loved being pregnant. & have been soooo lucky and have felt so great the whole 10 months. (my biggest annoyance since becoming pregnant was finding out that 40 weeks is actually 10 months, instead of 9, and i'm bugged that nobody shares that with you UNTIL you get pregnant and find out yourself. i jus think it's weird.) i really don't have any complaints at all. [heck-i'll pop out babies forever if all of my pregnancies are like this] :) i feel bad every time i talk to someone who is pregnant and is sick all the time-because i really don't understand at all what that would be like. and i feel like i can't sympathize with them. yeah...i didn't exactly feel like myself the first trimester--most food grossed me out/i didn't want to eat much, & i slept ALL the time. but i never threw up or got crazy nauseous-just a little upset stomach here and there. the only regret i have is not keeping up on exercising throughout the whole thing. because with how good i have felt, i can't imagine how good i would feel if i was still exercising daily. i did keep running and lifting through about week 10--because we were signed up for the ragnar as well as hiking the grand canyon with the brian's family, so i knew in order for it to be okay to do both of those things i needed to stay in shape. i ran 21 miles in the ragnar when i was 8 weeks, & then hiked the grand canyon at 10 weeks. (all with my doctor's permission) but after those were done i spent all of my free time sleeping. i probably could have jumped back into it slowly--but with 17.5 credits in school and working at 5 a.m. it wasn't really a priority. i do wish i could go out and run about 3 miles before i deliver--but since i get out of breath just walking, i doubt it would be a great idea :)

i have loved my doctor and all of my appointments have been so great. i go to orem community & i've never have to wait-and am only there for about 15-20 minutes. (once i got in and out in 8 minutes. no joke) i guess some girls would think that is a bad thing-but my doctor would answer any questions i had and let me talk forever if i wanted to, i just didn't. my doctor is perfect for my personality. he's pretty blunt & just tells you like it is. which i love. i'm not really the type to ask a lot of questions/get freaked out about things i "hear" about pregnancy. i've read a lot of books and have  loved learning about it, but i'm also super skeptical and don't just believe everything i hear. which i feel like is a good approach since you hear a lot of crazy things about pregnancy once you become pregnant.

i was terrible at taking photos of my growing belly. (honestly i didn't really want to) in fact the only reason i've even documented the belly at all is because my mom kept telling me that i'm going to wish i had. (so i can compare for future pregnancies & for memory sake-obviously) plus-i hear once you deliver and it's gone-you forget pretty quickly what it was like, and i want to be able to remember. so i've tried to take a few here and there. i'm just so not a fan of the in front of the mirror prego selfies-BUT that was better than asking brian to take one every time i wanted one. so below are a few good ones. :)--a few i took at completely random times-when i was excited because i thought i finally looked pregnant. there was really no rhyme or reason to when i took a belly picture. :)

i really didn't start showing until about 25 weeks. i definitely felt pregnant, but it didn't really look like a baby bump-just some extra around the middle. :) people didn't really start asking me about it until i was around 30 weeks. & even then i could tell they were hesitant. finally around 32 weeks i just popped out. and then got bigger....and bigger... :)

^^10 weeks-this is clearly a before shot. even though it's not completely accurate because i already had gained some weight.
^^25 weeks
^^30 weeks
^^32 weeks.
^^35 weeks. super classy picture in the church bathroom. :)
^^38 & 39 weeks.
^^40 weeks.

like i said, being pregnant has been awesome-and i know i'm going to miss the kicks and movement that i feel all day long. i won't miss the constant ache in my ribs. (my left rib to be exact) and i am pretty excited to get my non-pregnant self back. i haven't been too crazy or hormonal or anything, but pregnancy does do some crazy stuff to you. mostly i'm just excited to get back into working out and doing what i love everyday. oh, and i'd really love not to wake up five times in the night to go to the bathroom. that'd be nice too. 

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  1. I love your baby bump pictures, especially since you are baby bump free - at last! Navy is SO cute!