we're over here being as patient as we can waiting for a baby. my due date is today & i'm trying not to get too antsy-because i realize almost every first time mom goes over their due date. however for some reason every girl I KNOW that is pregnant has been popping out their babies 3 weeks early lately. we've been ready for her to come for a while now-however i just barely packed my hospital bag last night. brian has been on me for a while to do it. but i didn't want to pack it three weeks ago-because i had a feeling she'd come right on time. (or a few days late at the most) 

bri is gone to school everyday from 9-5, so i've had to keep myself entertained so i don't go completely crazy playing the waiting game. i've been in full nesting mode the last couple of days. making freezer meals, cleaning my house from top to bottom & doing laundry over and over again. i'd be happy if she came today-because our house is practically sparkling it's so clean. :)

we have been trying to take advantage of our last couple of nights of just us two. last weekend we went on like 3 dates, and i loved it.  friday night we went to the ice castles in midway with our friends the burtenshaws. (who we didn't get a picture with-i really need to be better at this whole picture taking thing) it was pretty spectacular and freeeeezing cold. but totally worth it to go see them. 
i really am going to miss the newlywed "just the two of us stage." but i know this next stage is going to be even better. (if that's possible?) i just really love my husband. :)


  1. I know just how you are feeling! Except I still have two more weeks. It's torture, right?! Any day now for you guys though. Good luck!! I'm excited to see pictures of your little girl!

  2. And now your new stage has begun!