one month old navy

Our navy girl is one month old!
love this girl of mine.
She has been the greatest sleeper since day one. She still is waking up about every 4 hours to eat during the night, but always goes right back to sleep.

We have discovered that she hates being swaddled--if she wakes up and realizes it she struggles until she gets her arm out. BUT if we don't swaddle her, she'll sometimes wake herself up moving her arms around, so we're still trying to figure that one out. :)

She loves the bath. I've put her in just the normal tub because I like that I can lay her down flat and use both hands to bathe her (the sink is too hard) I think she is going to be a little fish because she LOVES the water.

I still can't believe she has been here for a whole month! I have loved every second with this sweet thing! 

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