two month old navy

baby nave is two months!
We had her two month wellness check and she measured in at 23 inches and weighs 11.9 lbs. Her appointment was exactly one week after we went to the doctor and were told she had RSV, so she definitely would have weighed a little bit more, but she lost a little bit of weight that week. The doctor also told us she was 100% back to normal. Thank goodness! She is in the 40th percentile for weight and 90th for height. She is definitely tall and skinny and has super long legs-she grew out of her newborn clothes at about 6 weeks, but grew out of her newborn pants much a lot sooner. We just wore them as capris for aw while. :)

I started sleeping her on her stomach at about 6 weeks and ever since then she has been sleeping through the night. (8-9 hours) I love it! She still loves her binky-but has since discovered her hands and puts them in her mouth as often as she can. 

I also heard her first little giggle on her 6 week mark. It's the cutest thing and I have loved hearing it every so often since then. Her neck is really strong-I am always surprised with how she can move her head around so well.

She is the happiest/ smiliest baby. And i'm pretty grateful she's mine.   

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