road trip to vegas

We took a weekend trip to vegas to meet my new cousin and go to another cousin's baptism. Brian couldn't miss school on Friday-so we ditched him. I had so much fun spending time with my grandparents and my mom and sister. Navy was a champ on her first road trip. Of course it was rainy/windy most of the time we were there-we did see a little bit of sun on Sunday though and it made me pretty excited for some warmer weather!

^^my mom with her new nephew.
 ^^accidental matching.
 ^^her favorite way to sleep.

After getting back from Vegas on Sunday-we hopped in the car with my mom again to take a quick trip to Idaho. I was missing my neices and wanted to visit my grandparents that I hadn't seen in a while. 

^^i love these two sweet nieces of mine so much and love how much they love "baby navy." (which is shown clearly by the picture overload below.) :)
^^this is probably my favorite picture of all time. :)
^^and it's always good to see this lifelong best friend of mine.


  1. i love that first picture of you and navy and my girls. so much. navy pretty much rocks their world. i feel bad for all the other future nieces and nephews... they might not ever be as cool as navy!

  2. Whoa! When you said road trip you were not kidding. Kudos to you and Navy!