I wasn't expecting much for valentines day this year-I figured we'd have a low key night at home with our babe. A couple of days before I was surprised with a delivery at my doorstep (while Bri was at school) He'd ordered me 12 gourmet chocolate strawberries--and they were delicious. (and it was perfect because I love surprises more than most things!)
He also surprised me the day of valentines day and had his mom come down to watch Navy while we went out and saw a movie. We both really LOVE movies-so it was perfect. Everyone had told us that you don't ever go see movies after you have a baby, but we're determined to prove them wrong-we've already been to three. :) We're pretty grateful to have both grandma's so close that we trust to leave Navy with so we can spend some time together with just the two of us.
We also enjoyed an amazing home cooked meal that my best friend Gabe, and her little fam, brought us over. Who volunteers to bring dinner on valentines day?? Her, because she's the greatest. 

Bri left us for a week to go on a trip to the Dominican Republic for his senior capstone project for school. I wasn't too excited about staying home by myself, so Nave and I spent the week in Heber with my family. My little sisters came and stayed a night with us the weekend before Brian left-while my parents were in Nauvoo-so we took them to the best place in town: waffle love.
 ^^this is usually how picture taking with bri goes. first attempt: he pulls a funny face. second attempt: me trying to talk him into smiling. third attempt: good enough. :)
^^seriously--these waffles are amazing. 

I took both of these pictures the day before Bri left. He had to get as much Navy time in as he could. He sure missed us (but I think mostly her) :)
^^the scowl face is a regular around here.
^^i love this. 

We didn't do much in Heber--I took advantage of my parents mini gym in their basement and tried to get a few good workouts in. We spent most the rest of the day waiting for our favorite guy to facetime us.
^^this pregnancy is the longest i've been without consistently running--needless to say this 2 mile run with my mom and sisters was interesting. :)
I took navy to church for the first time while we were staying with my fam. It was pretty interesting. We walked into sacrament meeting about 10 minutes late (getting out the door takes a little longer w/ a baby) only to find Elder Bednar sitting on the stand. (Him and his wife have a house in my parent's neighborhood-and come to sacrament meeting in their ward whenever they are in town.) He and his wife both spoke and it was so awesome. Buuuut about halfway into his talk Navy decided to go to the bathroom, needless to say she didn't hold anything back. I could feel poop running down her leg, up her back-you know, the works. I wasn't about to leave in the middle of his talk-so I just held her (and tried not to move her at all) while she sat in poop for 15 minutes-poor thing. It was quite the experience. 
Nave got lots of snuggles that week-in fact I don't think she ever got put down. Spoiled babe. :)

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  1. I just had so much fun going through all the pictures from the last three posts. Navy is a lucky girl to have so many loving arms willing to hold her. Spoil away!