Nave has RSV

Guess who got RSV? Yep-my 7 week old. So much for being careful. I guess you really do have to be the completely obnoxious mom who makes everyone wash/sanitize their hands 17 times before they come in the room. 

I knew something was wrong because Navy is such a good babe-and really doesn't cry unless there IS something wrong. I noticed she had been choking a little big on mucus in her throat for a couple of days. (nothing crazy...she would just gasp for air every so often...and then be fine.) Then on Saturday she wasn't really eating like normal and was a little bit fussy. BUT we didn't really realize she was really sick until Sunday night. She was so congested that she couldn't really breathe out of her nose at all and she would choke on her mucus much more often and it was a lot worse-so scary. She also had a little coughing episode that night and would sometimes cough up everything she just ate-plus a lot of mucus. It was no fun. I was thankful we were up in Heber so that my mom was there. It helped me to not freak out so much. :) I really thought that it was just a cold, but the doctor told us Monday morning that she had RSV. Since you can't do much besides just let the virus pass it's sort of miserable. She kept eating pretty well (for being sick) and never got dehydrated and her oxygen levels stayed up-so she didn't have to get hospitalized. thank goodness. She never got a fever either, so i guess it could have been worse. We stayed home for 5 days straight except for leaving to take her to the suction clinic at the hospital once (or sometimes twice) a day. They suction out all the mucus out of the nose and throat so that she could breathe better and then checked her oxygen levels to make sure she's okay.. It was seriously such a life saver. I was so thankful we could take her there whenever we needed. (even in the middle of the night!)  She was so much more comfortable when we would leave.
^^she made this sad face a lot that week. pretty much broke my heart. 
^^We did a lot of this. She actually slept really well the whole week. (which i am so thankful for since everyone told me that sick babies don't sleep) But I had to check on her so often throughout the night (to make sure she was still breathing okay) & we kept her propped up so that the mucus wouldn't clog up in her throat as much. So needless to say I was a little tired. :) 
^^my mom saved the day and came and stayed a night so that brian and I could get some sleep. & of course my awesome mother in law drove down to keep us stocked up on food for the week. I'm not sure what we would do without those two.
^^The cutest sick baby i've ever seen. 

Thankfully she started to feel much better really quickly--the cough lingered for a few days longer but she started to act completely back to normal by wednesday. (thankfully it only lasted about 7 days--they say it can last around 14)

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