Navy's Blessing Day

we finally blessed navy on her 2 month birthday! (March 30) I thought it was kind of fun waiting until she was older-because she was so alert. It was seriously such a great day. There is nothing better than sitting in church surrounded by so many people that love and support us. I was in heaven holding nave in my arms in her beautiful blessing dress and watching her be so smiley all throughout sacrament meeting. My nieces kept walking over to give her a hug/kiss on the forehead -or requesting to hold her. My favorite quote of the day was from my 4 year old niece avery: "do you know what she looks like in that dress? a baby ghost!'

Brian gave her the sweetest blessing. I'm so thankful that he is Nave's dad. She probably doesn't know it yet-but she's the luckiest girl around.

^^In the circle were both grandpas, 3 great-grandpa's (the fourth is on a mission) 3 of my brothers and 1 of Brian's brothers. We missed the brothers that couldn't be there!
^^Nave finally got to meet her OTHER great grandma & grandpa peterson.

after the blessing we went up to heber to have lunch at my parents house. (thanks to my wonderful mother.) it was such a great day! we are so thankful for everyone who loves our little navy so much.
^^4 generations.
^^i'm so glad my grandpa & grandma are around to support us. so thankful they made the trip.
^^i have the best sister-in-law around. they announced this weekend that they are expecting another little girl. i am pretty excited for navy to have a bff. 

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