San Fransisco Trip

My family invited me to go on their mini spring break trip with them to San Fran. (Bless their hearts) I think they knew I would love to go on a little trip. The hardest part for me since having Navy has been keeping myself busy. I'm used to go go going all the time and things have slowed down quite a bit just staying at home with her. Not that I don't completely love it-because I do. It's just been an adjustment :)

We went down to visit my brother, Drew. I've never been to San Fransisco before so it was awesome. It was a short little four day trip & 2 of those days were driving all day. But I didn't mind-I love a good road trip. I was a little bit worried about Navy being in her carseat all day, but she was a champ. I seriously can't imagine how she could have done any better. She didn't even sleep much on the way down, maybe  a total of 2 hours out of the 10-which is unusual for her. But she was so happy and content the whole time. 

We spent the first day at Pier 39. It was overcast and a little bit chilly-but still so fun. We walked around a ton & ate way too much yummy food. (best clam chowder I've ever had) Then that night we met Drew at the Giants game. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but that stadium is UNREAL. It had the most incredible view.  & of course I'm always up for some popcorn + a hot dog. :) 

Day 2 we did a little more driving. We went and walked around Stanford's campus. Ammaaaazing. Then visited google headquarters. We found some sweet google bikes that we decided we wanted to ride around. But then got in trouble with security. Apparently they're for employees only. Ha-but I got a good little ride in before we got caught. :) 

We had lunch outside at a little South American food restaurant. (Can't remember the name) & I wish I would have taken a picture-it was so good! (I would seriously be obese if I lived in San Fran.) Then we headed to muir woods to see the redwoods! Also amazing. I could have stayed there all day. We bypassed the tour guide-so my dad kept telling is fun little facts instead. Typical. :) 

On our way back from the redwoods we took a quick stop at the golden gate bridge. It was freezing & windy-but I'm so glad we stopped. It was such an incredible view.

We spent the rest of the night at union square and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was only a 2 hour wait..crazy! But it was perfect for us because we'd eaten so much that day that we weren't quite hungry yet. So we sat around and visited until our table was ready. I've never eaten at Cheesecake Factory before and it might become a new regular. They have everything you could ever want! Perfect restaurant in my book. And that cheesecake!!

I love my fam. It was so great to spend time with them. We missed bri-but I think he was able to get a lot of schoolwork done that he needed to while we were gone. We cannot wait for this terrible semester to be over-so we can have our dad/husband back! (only 2 more days!) :)

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  1. What a fabulous trip! I love your sisters' expressions with the crab.