Easter with the Petersons

We had an awesome Easter weekend. Brian took the weekend off of school and we headed up to Sandy on friday night to spent time with Brian's twin brother and his wife. We spent most of the night cuddling Navy trying to get her to sleep-she loves to fight it lately. (She usually goes down pretty easily, but i don't think she was feeling very well that weekend.) We watched a lot of You-tube videos-once you start, you can't stop. :) Then played some phase ten. Which I'm officially addicted to as of late.

We spent the whole day Saturday having a Star Wars marathon. (not my idea) Bri still can't believe that I have never seen them, and has been wanting to do it since we've been married. It was fun and unusual to be able to spend the whole day together and literally do nothing but sit on the couch and snuggle our babe. -oh, and I still haven't decided how I feel about the movies yet.

We spent Easter Sunday at Brian's home ward and then had a great day after church with the Peterson clan. We snapped a few pictures before church (to document Navy in her cute Easter dress) and then after our front yard Easter egg hunt. I'm so thankful for the Easter Season. It always helps me to refocus on what matters most and makes me so appreciative for this wonderful life and our knowledge of the gospel.
^^as good as a family picture gets with a 2.5 month old. :)
^^thanks to grandma jones for the cute easter dress!
^^the only kids home for Easter this year. we sure miss all of the others!
^^sure love this fam!

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