3 month old Nave

3 Months
Oh what to say about my three month girl? I'm sort of in shock that she's three months already-but I'm trying my hardest to be happy she's growing up, not sad.
She is the best sleeper. She takes two or three naps a day. A 2-3 hour one in the morning, a 3-4 hour one in the afternoon and sometimes a little cat nap in the evening before bed. She always goes the whole night without a peep. She sleeps 10-11 hours before she wakes up to eat-which has worked so perfectly for me, because I usually wake her up (yesss I wake her up) to feed her around 6:30, and always goes right back to sleep so that I can head to the gym for my workout. I'm so thankful she is a good sleeper- I think it helps us cherish the time she is awake! I seriously miss her when I put her down for a nap and don't get to squeeze her and kiss her for a couple of hours. (wow, i am such a first time mom.)

She is so so smiley! She smiles at everyone and everything. And just recently started really laughing-I love it. She's getting soo good at holding her head up by herself and thinks she is such a big girl. 

She's officially outgrown the stage of "I want you to cuddle/rock me to sleep". I can just lay her down when i know she's tired and she'll fall asleep on her own. I know most moms dream of being able to do this-but honestly I'm missing all those pre-nap cuddles I used to get. 

I am convinced she's a good sleeper because she finds her hand to suck on. She'll still takes her binky when she's really tired and when that falls out at night she sucks on her hands. I tried my hardest to keep her from being a hand/thumb sucker-but i think it's going to happen no matter what I do. And I'm okay with it if that's the reason she's such a good sleeper. 

She hates her carseat, which is a bummer since we drive so much. Always driving to grandma's house. (and both grandma's live 40 minutes away.) I'm hoping once she gets to the age that she is entertained by toys that it gets a little better. We've also entered the drooling phase. So fun. I'm praying her teeth aren't going to come in anytime soon. :/

And my latest favorite is how she's starting to talk. My favorite time with her is in the mornings when she's just woken up. It's like she's trying to tell me all about her night when we weren't together. 

We love our babe. 

^^working really hard on this whole sitting up thing.

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