day to day

I always write about the big things that go on around here, and sometimes neglect the little day-to-day things. That's why I love instagram, because it's more for that. I'm sure the simple days will probably be what i love looking back on and remembering. So, I am going to try to be better at jotting down little things that happen, so that I can record them on here. And, of course, there will probably be a picture to go along with it. I'll probably have to be a little bit better at keeping up with my posts-instead of blogging about stuff that happened a couple of months ago-which is also something I want to work on. Here is a little catch up from this last month of a few of the smaller day-to-day stuff.
^^just relaxin after i bathed her and got her ready for the day. I think i was busy changing her sheets or something.
^^being a mom is so glamorous. (my little sister snapped this picture one day while we were out shopping.) I have yet to have a time where i forget to pack an extra outfit for her when she blows out, but i hear it happens to every mom eventually. But i did completely forget the diaper bag one night when we went to visit our friends. Thankfully we had just changed her diaper and she didn't need one while we were there. Major mom fail. 
^^little naves hates her car seat most days. which results in me sitting in the back to feed her a bottle, try to entertain her or get her to fall asleep so that our drive has a little less crying involved.
^^we met my family at the BYU creamery for some ice cream for family home evening. 
^^i caught this cute smile out on our walk one afternoon. it was a little chilly so we were all bundled up!
^^watching basketball with dad. these two usually snuggle up and play on the couch when bri gets home (since he hasn't seen her all day) while i work on dinner. that double chin! 
^^i usually meet up with my best friends every other week or so for lunch or something. this month was rach's birthday-such a great excuse for cupcakes.
^^most weekends you can find us either at bri's family's house or at my family's house. or we make a visit to both in one weekend. (which is probably why navy hates the car...too much driving) but that way grandma's and all of navy's cute aunts can get some loving on her. 
^^we spent conference sunday in Heber. my mom made dinner for about 6 brasilian couples (that they knew while they lived down there) who had come up for conference. She asked me if I could come up and help. Oh, and of course Navy was a hit. They were taking pictures of her like she was famous. 
^^that face.
^^i always love an excuse for a family picture.
^^visiting dad at school and eating lunch in the engineering lab.
^^my favorite time of day with this little lady is in the morning. she's soo smiley and talkative. i took this picture on one of those mornings. :)
^^we try to sneak out for a date at least once a week. bowling has been a favorite lately. 


  1. She already looks so much like you!!! She's beautiful, Macey. I am like basically tearing up over here (you know girl hormones and biological clocks and all that good stuff) :)

  2. I just caught up on your blog! Navy is to die for! Mitch and I can't wait to meet her! And pretty sure Rhett will want to squeeze in a kiss and hug.

  3. Just had so much fun reading the last three posts. I laughed when I saw the blow out picture. That brought back memories. I was so happy to finally meet the delightful Miss Navy in person. So much fun yet to come! Happy Mother's Day!