A good day

Today was a really good day. Bri didn't have to go to school because the professor he is working with is out of town. So, instead of waking up early to go to the gym-I slept in while my baby slept and Brian went early morning golfing. After he got back I left Navy with him while I went to and got a killer run + weights in. It was my kind of workout-most mornings I don't have enough time to get both running and lifting done before I have to rush home so Bri can make it to school on time.

When I got home from the gym Bri made lunch. I really love when I don't have to make a meal, it always tastes soooo much better when you don't make it yourself-am I right? :) And we played our favorite card game for a couple of hours. This game is especially fun because normally Bri beats me at everrrrrrry game we play. But I'm really good at this game and am going strong with a solid winning streak over him. :) Navy woke up at the end and just happily stayed in her swing. Angel baby I tell ya. 

Panda express ended up being our dinner due to lack of groceries/laziness. (and because it's our favorite) And then we headed to Brian's city league basketball game. There is nothing I love more than watching my athletic husband dominate at basketball. (or whatever he's playing) Even though he claims that he "always plays bad" when I come to watch. (not true) And Navy and I are the best cheerleaders. 

I love when an ordinary weekday isn't so ordinary. 
 ^^basketball game selfies. this was right before she zonked out in my arms. 

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