4 month old Navy

^^we love her squinty-left-eyed smile. :)

Navy weighed in at 13.8 lbs today (44th percentile) and is 25.75 inches tall (95th percentile). Still tall and skinny. :) She also had those pesky shots for her vaccines today and slept long and hard afterward. They usually make her a little sad, but I don't mind snuggling her a little extra.

 These pictures are a little bit deceiving because she can't really sit up that well yet (even when propped up against the back of the rocking chair.) She kept falling over to the side-or forward because she loves to grab her toes. (She realized her toes were there about 2 days ago, and they're currently her new favorite thing.)

She is back to being an angel in the car. Before she would never fall asleep in her car seat, but now she does almost every time--hallelujah! I recently bought some fun kids songs (by Janene Brady--they are my favorite! We used to listen to them when I was little and it has been so fun to go down memory lane) and Nave LOVES them. If she is bored back in her car seat, or is tired and needs help falling asleep we just put those on and she is so entertained. It's pretty adorable.  OR she loves it when mama puts her hand back there for her to hold, if she has my hand and her binky she is good to go. 

That's another thing--she likes her binky again. She took a little break there where she didn't really love it as much. But i'm so glad she's back to liking it again. She also found her thumb this month. Before she would just suck on whatever finger she could get--but now it's almost always her thumb. I'll admit, as much as I kept trying to get her to take the binky instead of her thumb, it's pretty cute. (but let's be honest-it won't be cute when she's five and still sucking....) I'm also trying to just let her be because I know that's why she sleeps so well. Her bink falls out and she just sticks that thumb in there...so we'll just worry about weaning later...

She can hold up her head so well when laying on her stomach. My favorite thing that she does is put her head up and look around when she can hear me come to get her out of her crib in the morning or after her nap. She tries to find me and smiles so big because she can hear my voice. I think I have a few pictures somewhere-it's seriously the cutest thing. Her head is still a little wobbly when just holding her straight up. She hasn't rolled over at all-or even showed any interest in it. My doc says some babies need taught to roll..by showing them how a few times everyday. But, I'm not worried. :)

She loves standing up on her legs...they're so strong. And she also loves when we put her up in the air like superman. We get the biggest smiles and laughs out of her. She just barely started grabbing toys that I will put in front of her. It's so fun to watch her learn what her little hands can do.

I keep telling Bri I want time to slow down because I love her at this stage. But I have said from day one..."I love this stage..." SO I have a feeling I will keep saying it as she gets bigger. We are just so grateful to have her sweet little spirit in our home.

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  1. 4 cute months down, so many more wonderful months to go!