more day to day

some more day to day.
^^mothers day selfie. :)
^^we took a little mid week trip to pocatello, idaho to visit my cousin kelsie and her kiddos. ainsley went with us and we had a blast.
^^thankfully navy has completely done a 180 with the whole carseat thing. she never cries anymore-in fact she almost acts like she likes it in there now. weird. it was a great couple of days-and i always love a good road trip. 
^^this is us coming out of the mothers lounge. that place is always packed because there are two wards going to church at once and errryyyybody is having babies in provo. like this last week when i went in during sunday school there were 7 girls in there (there are only 3 chairs) so i went out and fed nave in the car. you gotta do what you gotta do.
^^she will usually takes a pretty good nap while at church-but now that she's a little older she gets too distracted. this week she finally fell asleep the verrrry end of relief society-so, once it was over i tried my hardest to keep her sleeping. we went out to the lobby to wait for bri's meeting to finish..she looked too cute not to snap a picture.
^^shopping at our favorite store: tjmaxx. she fell asleep in my arms and they were soo tired. so i laid her down in the cart to sleep. running errands/shopping is interesting with a baby. instead of running ALL of my errands in one day, i usually have to split it up, so that she doesn't miss her nap or get hungry while we are out and about. the other day while at the fabric store i was holding her while browsing and all of a sudden i felt something wet. i looked down and she had an awesome blowout--you know, the kind that goes clear up to the shoulders. they didn't have a bathroom in the store (who does that?) i knew it would be a nightmare to try to change her in the car without getting poop on everything-so i just plopped right down in the middle of one of the isles and changed her clothes/her diaper. i seriously have no shame. 
another funny shopping story/my first scary mom moment. a couple of weeks ago i was on the hunt for fathers day gifts and couldn't decide between a few things. she just wanted to be held...so i was walking around the store holding her. but i needed to send a picture of the things i had picked out to brian so he could help me decide. so i laid her down on a little bench that was up against the wall. the next thing i know she lets out a loud squeal and i look down to see that she'd fallen in between the wall and the bench. she didn't get hurt at all, i think it just scared her. but it scared me even more. i grabbed her as fast as i could and vowed to never not watch her again. (practical thought, right?) :)
^^we met my mom for lunch the other day. while we were waiting for her to get there navy and i were just sitting in a booth playing. i kept noticing people staring/smiling at us. i figured it was just because my baby is adorable. but then a lady walked by and said "oh you two are so adorable." which is true, but kinda weird. well, when my mom showed up the first thing she said was "oh cute! you two are matching." ha, that explained it. i really wouldn't have noticed if she wouldn't have told me. but don't worry-ten seconds later she blew out and i had to change her outfit.

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  1. I love all her hair bows! Even if you aren't wearing matching outfits, the two of you are the cutest!