day to day

just a few of our day-to-day things.
 ^^this sweet thing LOVES her swing. thank goodness-it helps me get a lot done.
^^apparently she doesn't like matching, or pictures, or whatever voice i was making to get her to smile.
^^we've offically got a finger/thumb sucker over here. whatever makes her happy...
 ^^just putting her feet up on the table and relaxin' at dinner time.
^^Now that it's finnnallly warming up & she can sit up in her stroller (she sort of hated laying down) we go on a couple of runs together a week. my favorite place to run to is the temple. well, except for the killer hill the last mile or so. but we made it!
 ^^more fingers in her mouth. she keeps those babies in there allll daaay long.
^^it looks like Navy hates watching soccer. (or it was past her bedtime.) but really she was a gem and slept the whole time.
^^helping mama sew. she really can't sit up for very long in her bumbo yet. she only lasts a couple of minutes. :)
 ^^terrible quality picture. but i love it. these were our excited faces that i texted to bri when he told us he was on his way home for the day.
 ^^my favorite thing that she does lately. she loves to cuddle, and i love when she turns to look at me while she's laying on my shoulder. (i practically live in that rocking chair.)
 ^^she loves looking at herself in the mirror. don'd mind my completely ridiculous face.
^^the new cutest way that nave sleeps. she always has both her hands right under her face. i think it's so she'll have easier access to her fingers/thumb when her binky falls out.
^^bathtime is a favorite over here. she'd kick in the water all day if i'd let her. and there is nothing i love more than a clean baby wrapped up in a towel. 

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  1. What a sweet post! Having an awesome mom, and being a mom, is the BEST! And Navy just gets cuter and cuter. I kept calling John over as I scrolled down. "Oh honey, come look at THIS picture of Navy!" He was a good sport. We laughed at the face she made when you were trying to get her to smile. We have lots of pictures of Ted with that face. Love you guys!