mothers day

mothers day.
We spent the weekend with both of our families. Saturday night we spent some time in sandy with Bri's fam. We went to dinner and then played some card games. 
^^and navy got some snuggle time with her great-grandma peterson.

Sunday morning we went up to heber to spend the day with my family. We love that both of our families are so close.  and I was happy to be able to spend the day with my mom--the last 3 or 4 mothers days she has been in another country.

^^I am so so grateful for this lady. i can't even type this without choking up. everything i know about being a mom i learned from her. and in my opinion, she does everything right and and is the best mom out there. 
^^nave and i like to get into our comfies after church. :)
^^getting serenaded by mal. this girl loves music.
^^so glad this little lady made me a mama. being a mom is definitely one of the most natural things i've ever done. i'm not saying i'm good at it, but i know that it is what i am supposed to be doing. and the fact that it comes so naturally to me really has strengthened my testimony of the fact that heavenly father really did create women TO BE nurturers. it's has been so fulfilling for me. i was really worried that being home all day would leave me a little bored/anxious to be doing things. but spending my days with navy have left me completely satisfied and i wouldn't want to be doing anything else.
& this guy deserves a shout-out. i am so glad i married a man that 100% supports my decision to stay home. and works so hard to make it possible. he's the greatest.

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