5 month old Navy

My 5 month Navy girl is so much fun. I love hanging out with her all day.

A few favorites this month:
She officially can get her thumb now whenever she wants it-and loves sucking on it. Especially when she's tired.

She does this thing when I hold her in front of me directly facing me where she reaches out to me and touches my face. I love it.

She has rolled over once! ha-she really has no interest in it. sooooo...whatever. :)

Loves to play with her feet. If i'm ever helping her to sit up she bends completely in half so that she can chew on them. And if she's laying on her back they are always in her hands. (unless she is busy sucking her thumb.)

She loves rice cereal. We are feeding it to her once a day and she'll always finish up a whole bowl. We have to hold her hands down the whole time we feed her or else her thumb/fingers go in her mouth after every bite.

This isn't really a favorite-but I guess it's kind of cute sometimes (when we're not in a hurry) She'll be nursing and even though she's super hungry, she'll stop and bring her thumb to her mouth and start sucking on that. So funny.

If someone comes in the room (or if i'm in the room with her but she's laying on my bed-or laying somewhere so I can get some stuff done) she'll be playing with her toes/talking/squaking and then glance over to make sure i'm still there (or whoever it is is still there) every 10 seconds or so. And when she sees that you're still there she'll get a big smile on her face.

She giggles like crazy. 

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