Fathers Day weekend with the Petersons

The whole peterson fam was in town for fathers day weekend. Woot Woot! It's always especially fun when we all get together.  Friday morning the boys when golfing bright and early, and then met us to spend the afternoon swimming at cowabunga bay. We had fun riding on a few slides without the babies-and then floated the lazy river with the whole gang.

ˆˆnave finally met amanda!
ˆˆmccall has the touch. she can always get navy calmed down or fast asleep in her arms. :)

ˆˆcutest cousins.

Saturday we went to have dinner with my family for fathers day. We were planning to meet them in Salt Lake and decided we didn't want to drive from Bri's house-so we just rode the tracks instead. It was nice to not have to worry about putting Navy in her car seat and just being able to snuggle with her while she napped the whole way up and back. I kind of like public transportation. :)
Saturday night we headed back to the Petersons' and sat around the campfire. It was the perfect weather. I looooooooove utah summer nights.

Sunday we got to celebrate our favorite guy for fathers day.
ˆˆshe kinda likes him, can you tell?

I won't get all mushy. But this guy amazes me every single day with his patience and willingness to help 100% with Navy. I think to myself multiple times a day 'i am so grateful i don't have to do this parenting thing by myself.' Bri just makes it so much easier and so much fun. He is smitten by little Nave-and there is nothing I love more than watching them together. Hooray for dads! 

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