6 month old Navy

I cannot believe my baby is 6 months. I tell myself over and over again not to be sad that she is growing up. She is going to grow up regardless-so I decided from day one that I wasn't going to be sad about it, just embrace it and love that she is getting bigger and learning new things. & I will say that even though it is sad that soon she's going to be a toddler and no longer my tiny babe-for the most part I've been able to be happy about it. :) 

This summer we have practically been living out of our suitcases-and July especially has felt like that. Navy has probably slept in her pack n' play more than she's slept in her own crib. Which I do feel bad about, but am grateful that she still does really well so that we can do all of the fun things with family and friends that we want to.

This month finally she figured out rolling over. It was abbbouuut time ;) She first started doing it from her stomach to her back when I would put her down for her nap. Not going to lie, it was cute, but just a little annoying because instead of going to sleep she would roll over to her back and not be able to get back to her belly. And since she's a belly sleeper she wouldn't really fall asleep on her back. A few days, and a few 'figure out how to fall asleep on your back' crying sessions later, she figured out how to roll back to her stomach. She would roll all over in her crib and play with her bumpers, or her blanket, or whatever she could get her hands on. The hype must have worn off because now she stays on her stomach and falls right to sleep when I put her down like she used to. (thank goodness!)

She loooves food. We do rice cereal in the morning and then vegetables at night. I try to feed her at least twice a day-but sometimes on a busy day it only happens once. (nursing is just soooo convenient, i sometimes have a hard time with the mess of baby food) Now that we've been doing it for a couple of months though she is getting the hang of it and it isn't too messy anymore. It usually takes her a couple of tries of a new vegetable before she decides she will eat it. It was hilarious when I fed her green beans and she literally gagged the first few bites and then spit out every bite after that. It took us about 5 tries with that one before she would eat it happily. Brian was convinced she's be a green bean hater like him, but i'm persistent. :) If we don't feed her fast enough she gets mad. It's sort of hilarious. 

Her little personality is starting to really shine through! She's mostly just a laid back and chill babe. I'm always so impressed with how good she is when she's out of her element. Bri and I always joke around that she is "always the most well behaved when she knows we need her to be." For example, I took the kids I nanny to the children's museum the other day and we were there for 6 hours! Navy could have been a total disaster, because it was loud & crazy in there. But instead she let me carry her around in her carrier and then would fall asleep on me when she got tired. She's such a gem.

She is such a little mover-she doesn't sit still very often, but I don't mind it because she is so happy all the time. I am soo glad I have such a happy babe.

She still sleeps so great! Still totally sleeping through the night. And still naps pretty well even though we are trying to transition from three naps to two. 

At her 6 month appointment she weighed: 15 lbs and 14 and a half ounces and is 27 in tall. 
love my tall/skinny girl. :)


  1. She is so precious! I can't believe she would just fall asleep in your carrier at the museum!

  2. She is absolutely adorable! Way to be persistent with the green beans! We had a few who couldn't be fed fast enough. Good eating, good sleeping, good girl!