day to day.

with a lot of low quality iphone pictures. :)
^^screenshot of a snapchat. :) 
^^my little buddy kept me company while i couldn't walk for 3 days after toe surgery. i was just thankful she isn't mobile yet!
^^sometimes we let nave tag along on our date nights--especially when it's in the middle of the week-love me a good mid-week date night.
^^matt just showin navy the ropes, but she mostly just wanted to bite the guitar.
^^this is what watching the world cup looks like. 
^^no words. just cute.
^^we spend a lot of our days at the pool. navy has yet to get sunburned, and this is why. :)
^^lately falling asleep for naps has been hard work. she finally learned to roll over, which meant as soon as I would put her on her stomach to sleep she would roll right over to her back and play. It took her a few days and a few "let her cry it out" sessions for her to figure out how to roll back over or to just fall asleep on her back. the picture above is how i find her sleeping 50% of the time. (the other 50% her thumb is in her mouth) 
^^i've always got to throw one in of me and my nave. we take a picture like this about once a day to send to bri while he's plugging away at school to tell him we miss him!

^^terrible picture. but i love that face!
^^one of our many lunch dates with grandma. :)
^^favorite friends!
^^loves her toesies.
^^we don't do it as often as we should, but we love spending time with the burtenshaw's!
^^i love when my grandparents make their way down south. this day we went to lunch and then visited my great-grandparents graves that are in provo.
^^another date night @ our favorite pizza place in provo. the waiter accidentally dumped water all over me-which resulted in a few free pizzas and it was quite the site!
^^bri left us to go to scout camp for a few days, navy was excited to hangout with her mama. :)

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  1. Another fun picture history of adorable Navy and her admiring followers! I'm glad the toe surgery didn't keep you down for too long.