A weekend with Avery & Jane

 A few weeks ago my nieces came to stay with my mom for the week. Trying to keep them entertained we decided we'd make the trip to go visit the Hogle Zoo. They were so excited, and we couldn't bear to tell them that maybe we should skip it since it was pouring rain when we got there. So instead of breaking their hearts we went and bought some umbrellas and decided to just make the best of it. It was actually kind of nice because it turned into more of a drizzle by the time we had lunch and decided to venture out. So we spend a few hours chasing them around looking at all the animals and basically had the whole place to ourselves.
^^not impressed with the lions.
^^cutest little umbrella holdin' girl.
^i couldn't resist Avery's pose in this one. She's such a little diva.
 ^cutest sister.

^nave got tired of her stroller which meant lugging her around while trying to keep us dry at the same time.


  1. Way to think outside the box! And the umbrella shots were so cute.

  2. Perfect time to go! No heat and no crowds! We'll have to take Rhetters and Navy together sometime when it's not so hot!