3 year anniversary.

Bri and I have been married for 3 years. Marriage is a funny thing. It seems like it was just the other day that we met, spent every waking hour together, fell in love and got married all within a 9 month time-span. But at the same time the other day when I was trying to remember our dating days, it all kind of blurred together, because it's been so long.

It also feels like we've known each other forever. I definitely remember life before Brian-but those years, although fun, seem kinda pointless. It's like my life didn't really start until "our" life started. (okay, that all sounded very cheesy, but it's totally true.)

Our anniversary was an interesting one this year. We decided to switch of years of planning and this year it was my turn. I had a whole big day planned up in Park City on the mountain, and I even had a babysitter lined up (my dearest mom). :) We haven't spent more than a couple of hours away from Navy-and I was excited to spend the day with Bri. 

Well...the day before I had a dr appointment to check out my toes. I'd had surgery almost 2 weeks before to get a bone growth removed on one toe-and had an ingrown toenail removed on the other. I had noticed that it was infected a little bit (the ingrown toenail toe) but didn't think anything of it until It started really hurting. And then I noticed some pain all the way up my leg...which I thought was weird. So I went in to get checked out and my doctor basically told me it didn't look good. It was really infected and the infection was going up my foot. He put me on an antibiotic and sent me on my way-but told me to call him ASAP if the redness from my foot moved up my leg at all. Obviously with an antibiotic it doesn't really start feeling better until 24-48 hours and it will usually get a little worse in that time before it gets better. But I wasn't expecting my foot to hurt so bad I couldn't walk. We decided to go to sleep and depending on how I felt in the morning we would decide if we should go or not. When we got in bed, around midnight I noticed pretty bad red streaking all the way up my leg (that had just appeared in the last hour or so) I thought it would probably be fine to wait to call my doctor in the morning (since it was so late) but Bri reminded me that he told me to call him asap. So i did. (my doc is the best) He told me he was worried about it and wanted me to go into the emergency room to get an antibiotic through an IV. So that's what we did. We called my cousin to come sleep on my couch so that we didn't have to wake Navy and spent the majority of the night in the ER. So fun. I still couldn't really walk at all the next day, but finally started feeling better in the evening so we decided to go out for a quick dinner. Such an adventure. But I sure love my hubs for taking such good care of me. 

Happiest three years yet!

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